Deep Cut Diamond
Deep Cut Diamond
Deep Cut Diamond

A diamond’s cut is the most important characteristic of it. This characteristic is not the same as the shape. Instead, it refers to the number of facets on a diamond, what the proportions of these flat surfaces are, and how proportionate the various parts of this gemstone shape are to one another.

What Does ‘Ideal Cut’ Imply?

How a diamond’s facets are arranged will affect the way in which the sunlight that gets into it bends and reflects. So, how the stone is cut will have an effect on the appearance of it very much. The phrase ‘ideal cut’ mostly describes a cut that has the proportions that allow the gem to show as much shine and brilliance as possible. In a way, it is the best diamond cut. The nearer the stone is to ideal in terms of cut, the better it will appear.

What Is Deep Cut Diamond?

The ideal cut decisively affects what a round diamond’s optimal depth has to be. The term ‘depth’ refers to the distance from a diamond’s flat facet on the top to the sharp bottom. The optimal diamond depth is among the things required as a prior condition for the greatest possible brilliance to occur. If the depth of a diamond is excessively high in proportion to the width, then the stone’s cut would be considered excessively deep. Therefore, it would usually be termed a deep cut diamond.

Why Does Deep Cut Constitute An Issue?

The cut takes away from the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. Diamonds cut thus appear less vibrant and possess lower brightness than the more proportional stones. The deeper a diamond’s cut is, the drabber it will appear.

A different issue regarding the deep cut is this: if this diamond is mounted in an engagement ring setting, it would appear tinier than the ideal-cut counterpart. Note that by the word ‘counterpart’, we refer to a diamond that weighs the same as the deep cut stone. It will appear bigger than the latter because to have a relatively greater depth, one will sacrifice the gemstone’s width to a moderate extent.

Putting the gemstone in a ring setting will result in the top of it being the only noticeable part, which will be tinier than usual.

Can It Be Excessively Shallow?

It is possible to create a too shallow diamond cut. Some diamonds tend to be cut in this manner to increase their size appearance. However, this will reduce the shine and brilliance.