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Art Deco gemstone engagement rings are in fashion, and have been so for a considerable amount of time now. If you do not know what the term “Art Deco” means, leave alone how to find a ring with this style, worry not. This blog will inform you about everything that would like to know about Art Deco.

What is Art Deco

Art Deco refers to a design style which was everywhere during the early 1900’s. It originated in Paris at the 1925 “International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts”. By “everywhere”, we mean virtually everywhere, from art to cars and appliances to jewelry. Art Deco is all about being luxurious, glamorous, modern, and in tune with technological progress. An ideal example of Art Deco is the Chrysler Building in New York City.

From a jewelry design perspective, Art Deco is characterized by bright colors, rare and pricey materials, geometric gemstone and diamond shape types, geometric patterns, and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. In regards to engagement rings, pieces with this style are among the extremely unique ones you can find owing to all the qualities mentioned above. Engagement ring designs used to be funky, big and bold, and very different from the conventional solitaires, though there were a lot of beautiful and delicate designs as well.

Why is Art Deco a Big Deal Today?

If you do not follow engagement ring trends with vigor, then let us fill you in. Colored gems are in, diamonds are out. The classic solitaire ring holds the rank of most popular even today, but it will not for much longer. A large number of modern brides are choosing nonconventional engagement rings, and celebrities are conforming to the former’s actions. Several young brides-to-be are more and more bothered about ethical issues such as fair trade and conflict diamonds. A desire to keep away from mass-produced ring designs causing damage to the planet earth and its inhabitants means that classic pieces are the next big thing.

So what is a vintage ring style that is nonconventional and has colored gems? You guessed it – an Art Deco piece. Some high profile celebs have sported Art Deco jewelry, and this has perhaps helped lift their profile at least slightly. For instance, Meghan Markle rocked a tiara with Art Deco style at her marriage to Prince Harry, and Scarlett Johansson got an Art Deco ring from Romain Dauriac.