Best Diamond Cut
Best Diamond Cut
Best Diamond Cut

Diamonds are known for their brilliance and sparkle. However, the shine exhibited by different diamond shapes varies greatly. Therefore, you have to be aware of various shapes and their properties to know the right option for you. So we list some of the best diamond cuts that exhibit the most sparkle for your knowledge.

Why Diamonds Sparkle?

Before knowing which diamond shapes show off the most sparkle, you have to know why diamonds sparkle. The brilliance and sparkle of a diamond depend on its ability to capture and reflect light to the observer’s eye. The more light a diamond reflects, the higher will be its sparkle.

The diamonds will have a large number of facets that act as mirrors. These facets are responsible for reflecting the light. The number of facets can vary between diamond cuts, and usually, the diamonds that have more facets will be more sparkly.

Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Sparkle?

There are different diamond cuts that vary greatly in terms of the sparkle and brilliance they have. The following are some of the best diamond cuts to choose if you want your stones to sparkle:

Round Brilliant Cuts

This is the diamond shape that is mostly preferred by people across the world. It exhibits the most sparkle and brilliance among all the diamond shapes. This diamond cut carries 58 facets through which the light will enter and reflect to create the brilliant sparkle associated with it.

You can get round cut diamonds in a wide range of sizes and quality grades. So it is possible for you to get a stone that fits your budget.

However, the cost of round diamonds is higher when compared to most other diamond shapes. When the rough stone is cut into form a round diamond, about 60% of it will be lost as waste. Hence, its rate per carat can be higher than other diamond shapes.

Even though round diamonds are the shiniest diamonds, there are some other diamond cuts that can compete with this shape. They include:

  • Princess cut
  • Radiant cut
  • Cushion cut

These cuts can also offer great brilliance at a much lower price. So if you want more affordable options, they can be suitable for you.

Tips To Increase The Sparkle Of Your Diamond

  • Choose prong setting instead of the bezel setting.
  • Consider a halo or pave setting for your ring, as they have additional accent stones that can increase the overall sparkle of the ring.
  • Keep your diamond always clean.

These tips can be beneficial for maintaining the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond at its best.