Morganite Diamond Rings
Morganite Diamond Rings
Morganite Diamond Rings

If you are considering a diamond alternative for your engagement ring, you may want to look at morganite stones. Morganite is a stone that belongs to the beryl family and it has a peachy-pink hue. This pink stone can easily attract anyone’s attraction and is widely used as a diamond alternative. You can also use morganite diamond rings to bring in the beauty and elegance of both stones in your engagement ring. Over the past several years, morganite stone’s popularity has skyrocketed. Have you wondered what makes a morganite stone special? Read below to find more about morganite stones.

Morganite stones are not something that has been discovered in recent years. In 1910, the first morganite stone was discovered in Madagascar and named after one of the noted mineral collectors, J.P Morgan.  Let us look at some features of morganite stones.

Features Of Morganite Stones

Morganite is perfect for couples who are looking for a unique diamond alternative. The increased popularity of morganite is justified by its affordability, unique pink-colored hue, and hardness.

Affordability Of Morganite Stones

Morganite rings are very affordable when compared to very expensive diamond engagement rings. For those who are looking for an affordable yet magnificent-looking stone, morganite can be a good option.  The average price of a morganite engagement ring is less than 500 dollars, while you may have to spend about 10 times this price to buy a decent diamond ring.


Morganite stones are available in different colors. The color of morganite stones varies from pale pink to violet. It is observed that people who buy morganite stone mostly prefer a soft pink color with a slight hint of peach. This color is normally known as blush. This unique color shade can give your ring a unique and modern look.


When considering hardness, morganite stones offer decent hardness but they are not as hard as diamonds. When compared in the Mohs scale, the hardness of a diamond is of the order 10 whereas morganite stones range between seven and eight. Morganite stones are harder and more durable than many other stones, but it doesn’t mean that they are not vulnerable to chipping and scratches. You have to take good care to avoid wear and tear on a morganite stone.

If you are considering morganite stones for your engagement ring, it is better to select a secure prong setting. Secure prong settings like a four or six-prong setting can protect your stone from scratches due to accidental bangs.