The trend of using crystals for their healing power is increasing among people. People are keeping different crystals in their bedroom or office to attract positive energy and keep away bad luck. A lot of people also wear jewelry made with healing crystals to derive their benefits. The energy healing jewelry is found to give protection from evil powers and improve the mental and physical wellness of people.

There is a wide variety of crystals that are believed to have healing powers. Wearing various ornaments made from them can be beneficial for you to deal with certain mental and physical problems.  The following are some of the best crystals that are said to have healing powers:

Clear Quartz

This crystal is thought to be a “master healer”. People believe that clear quartz can amplify energy, promote memory, and improve concentration. This crystal can be useful for boosting physical health too. Wearing this crystal is claimed to stimulate the working of the immune system along with balancing your entire body. Clear quartz is sometimes paired with other crystals like rose quartz to enhance their abilities.

Rose Quartz

With its vibrant pink color, rose quartz is a wonderful option to include in your jewelry. As its color suggests, this stone signifies love and relationships. It is believed to be beneficial for restoring harmony and trust in all kinds of relationships together with improving close connections. It can also offer calmness and comfort in times of grief.

Wearing rose quartz might also help to encourage respect, love, worth, and trust within one’s self. Hence, this crystal can be beneficial for you in different ways.


This beautiful crystal is called the “supreme nurturer”. It is thought to support you through stressful times and empower the spirit. This crystal is also claimed to protect you from negative vibes along with promoting confidence, courage, and quick thinking.


This stone is known for its protective powers. It is said to shield people from emotional and physical negativity. It can also promote some important qualities like clarity, strength, compassion, etc. For your physical health, this stone can facilitate detoxification, promote digestion, and aid to reduce pain.


Citrine brings joy, enthusiasm, and wonder to your life. This stone might help with eliminating negative traits like fear and encourage motivation, optimism, clarity, and warmth. It is also thought to enhance qualities like concentration and creativity.

Hence, these healing crystals create a wonderful option to add to your jewelry. Along with making your ornaments stunning and colorful, these crystals can incorporate additional powers to them.