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Appropriate wedding attire can be a tricky business to get right for men. As it is a celebration, you cannot simply choose bland office wear, but it needs to be just formal to fit the smart vibes of a wedding ceremony. Whether you need semi-formal attire, outdoor wedding attire or conventional outfits, we will cover it all below. Here are some wedding dress shopping tips for men.

What Should I Turn Up Clad in for My Wedding?

Except if you are attending a religious wedding ceremony or choosing something similar to formal attire where there is a set dress code, you cannot be wrong with a tuxedo or a suit. Both a tux and a suit look good, flatter the body, plus it is your wedding day, you have to dress up quite a bit. While both are acceptable, each dress gives off a little bit different finish and vibe.

Tuxedo versus Suit for a Wedding Day

There are not much difference between a tux and a suit, but it is worth understanding them so that you can take a clear call on which one to wear to the function. The main difference between both is satin’s use. A tuxedo with trousers often has satin on its lapel and pocket trim, in addition to a satin stripe down the suit trousers’ side. The accessories you choose to match with your tux and suit can also be different; this is not a rule that is set in stone, but you usually put on a bowtie with the former dress and a standard tie with the latter.

Personalizing Men’s Wedding Outfits

A suit is a standard outfit for a wedding guest, but do not think that you cannot make your attire stand out from the others. With the right coloring or accessories, you can give some of your individuality to the standard wedding outfit without having to take away the ceremonial formality of this look. If you want to make an impact, a patterned or colored outfit can be a good starting point. You can choose a vintage black and white color, but with an intricate pattern; else, opt for a simplified print in a color that is more abstract.

Numerous pattern suits on the market are made from durable wool. If you are wondering which outfit to put on for a fall season wedding, then wool is a good option as it is warm and durable – the kind of properties which make it ideal for a cold evening event.