Diamond Cut Styles
Brilliant Cut Diamond
Brilliant Cut Diamond

When shopping for a brilliant cut diamond, most of the people know what is enticing to the naked, untrained eye of a consumer- nothing more, and nothing less. What many of the consumers don’t realise is the immense amount of analysis and time that went into selecting diamonds that end up as the beautiful diamond ring that you are gazing upon.

Diamond specialists make use of a system called the IGI (International Gemological Institute) certification so as to accurately label and classify worthy gemstones.

What Is The IGI Diamond Certification?

It is a detailed testament to a specific diamond’s authenticity. This isn’t a certification that a diamond professional can look at and simply issue. There is time, patience, comparison with other diamond pieces and various pieces of equipment that all go into obtaining an IGI certification that is accurate and justifiably assigned to a diamond.

Even before a diamond qualifies for such a sort of certification, it must meet a high-priority standard that is laid down. It must be analyzed for its flawlessness and its characteristics that include, but not limited to the 4Cs.

What Is The Scale Of Diamond Grading That Is Used For IGI?

IGI certified diamonds are graded on a concise color grade, with the grades ranging from D (Clear/ white/ 100% colorless) to Z (diamond with a yellow tint or a yellow hue).

The carat scale for IGI certified diamonds depends on the size and weight ratio. If there is a larger gem that doesn’t weigh enough to properly match its size, then it isn’t graded as perfect and is not even eligible for IGI certification.

The cut grade is based on how each of the individual gems is impacted by its unique cut. Does the natural facet remain intact? Does the diamond cut reflect any of the inclusion, blemishes and diamond structure imperfections? Does it refract the light well, to enhance scintillation and brilliance? All of these are factored in when grading a diamond cut.

Is It Better Than A GIA Certification?

Both of them are reputable and are backed by leading labs, but there is widespread use of GIA certificates within the natural diamond industry. Both the GIA and the IGI certifications are based on the same basic principles and diamond characteristics. Both of them can be trusted to act as an honest assessment of the quality of the diamond piece. They both strictly adhere to standards, and this makes both just as good as the other.